Nacon GC-400ES eSport Wired PC Gaming Controller - Black

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Product overview


With a 46°-amplitude right analogue stick, advanced customisation software, and an adjustable weight distribution system, the GC-400ES is a cutting-edge controller for gamers who expect the best. In classic mode or pro-gamer mode, it's an invaluable weapon in your arsenal to help you smash records on PC.

The GC-400ES is a premium PC controller for competitive players. Compatible with all PC games (DirectInput and XInput), it can be run in 2 game modes:

  • CLASSIC MODE: all the functions of a classic PC controller with the unique ergonomics of the GC-400ES and its ultra-precise right analogue stick.
  • PRO-GAMER MODE: use game profiles you have created yourself with the customisation software. 4 profiles can be saved on the controller so you can quickly switch between them according to the game.

Using the included GC-400ES software, you can create and save a wide range of different profiles with a multitude of settings: button mapping, right analogue stick sensitivity, response curve and configuration of the 4 macro buttons on the back of the controller. Set up your controller the exact way you want it!

A travel pouch is included for storing the controller, detachable cable and additional weights.

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