Meetion Ultra-thin RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Product overview

RGB ultra-thin mechanical gaming keyboard, ultra-thin and lightweight, with the OUTEMU mechanical blue switch, the sound is crisp and the feedback is good. The ergonomic design can satisfy gamers' pursuit of hand feel and performance, greatly improve operation efficiency and ensure longer service life. Customizable macro recording function, whether you are a gamer or an office business person, this keyboard can well meet your daily needs, the RGB backlight can be switched at will, and has user-friendly functions, such as automatic definition of RGB backlight , full-key anti-ghosting, 12 multimedia keys, etc. Standard USB PVC cable 1.8m. OUTEMU blue switches

 OUTEMU blue switches

The keyboard is equipped with the OUTEMU blue switch, the sound is crisp and the feedback is good.

RGB backlight

The RGB backlight can be customized, switch at will, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted.

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