Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L - White

Sale price5,600

Regular price6,747

Less Oil, No Smoke Enjoy Delicious, Low-Fat Meals
The oil inside the food is thoroughly fried by the 360-degree circulation of heated air, resulting in tasty food with less fat. The rapid heat circulation ensures that the food is heated evenly, which gives a crispy outer layer, while keeping the inside soft.

From 40 to 200°C Frying, Thawing and Fermentation
The temperature can be adjusted from 40 to 200℃. Thanks to the two-speed fan configuration, the fryer can do more than just fry food. It can also defrost frozen products, dry fruits and ferment vegetables.

Yoghurt produced at constant temperature | Dried fruit and meat | Defrost | Low temperatures are automatically paired with a low speed two-speed motor to slowly increase temperature.

The medium to high temperature range is automatically paired with the high-speed dual-speed motor, allowing the temperature to rise quickly.

Cooking Time up to 24 hours Gives you more Culinary Possibilities
Longer continuous heating combined with a wider temperature range offers more cooking options. Snacks such as dried fruit, dried meat and yoghurt can be prepared for the whole family.

Time-Saving Due to Faster Heating
The 1400W heating power enables rapid temperature rise and more balanced heat distribution inside the fryer, reducing cooking times for a faster, healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

Rated Voltage  220-240V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Net Weight 3.9kg
Gross Weight 5.2kg
Rated Power 1500W
Rated Volume 3.5L
Basket Material Alclad Metal


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