Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro (2nd Gen ) - Black

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More power for extraordinary experiences

The 48V battery system is paired with a 400W rear-wheel drive motor to deliver even more power. Whether you're accelerating or going up a hill, it can handle any scenario with ease, bringing you a smooth and user-friendly riding experience!

More comfortable riding with upgraded 10" widened tires

The upgraded tire surface is widened from 54mm to 60mm*, has higher air capacity, and better shock absorption. With the larger ground contact area of the tire, grip is effectively enhanced for leaning during turns and an overall more stable and secure riding experience.

A multifunctional dashboard displays data at a glance

The dashboard is set at a user-friendly angle, allowing the rider to view the speed, remaining battery power, turn signals, and scooter status during the ride.

Three speed modes at your fingertips

Toggle between different speed modes simply by double-tapping the power button at the bottom of the display to meet your riding needs.

Enlarged battery capacity for a super-long range of 60km*

The 468Wh* large-capacity lithium battery pack provides a long travel range per charge, so you can enjoy riding during daily commutes and short weekend trips.

Multiple energy recovery modes for a brand-new riding experience

The kinetic energy generated during braking and gliding is converted into usable electrical energy to further increase the riding range.

Intelligent Battery Management System for battery safety

The Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) continuously monitors battery status and provides six intelligent measures to protect against over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating, and over-current. These measures prolong your scooter's battery life and ensure safety during the ride.

Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app for every trip

Connect your Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro (2nd Gen) with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app via Bluetooth to not only view the status, battery, and mileage information of your scooter, but also control the light, lock the motor, set the self-adaptive headlight, and upgrade firmware.

Safer turns with built-in direction indicator

The standard E-Mark certified high-intensity turn signal immediately lights up after you press the turn button, while the buzzer rings to alert pedestrians and vehicles behind, making sure every turn is safe.

Peace of mind during night trips thanks to the bright auto headlight

The auto headlight can be activated in Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. When the surroundings are dim, the headlight automatically turns on to make riding even easier.

Reliable braking and a conspicuous taillight

The taillight automatically turns on when the headlight is on. The obvious taillight effectively alerts pedestrians and vehicles behind you when braking. You can also set the taillight to stay on in Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app for improved safety.

Rigid and reliable high-strength carbon steel frame

Made of 1.5mm* thickened carbon steel, the frame can withstand a max. static load of 500kg* and a max. dynamic load of 120kg, ensuring the durability and sturdiness of the scooter.

Dual-brake for double protection

The drum brake on the front wheel and E-ABS on the rear wheel work together to shorten braking distance and enhance safety.

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