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After 3 years Tomb Raider is back in business again with its third installment Rise of the Tomb Raider .. Lara Croft adventure this time won't be easy as before and she will suffer a lot and will face horrors in South America countries such as Mexico, Peru and the missing city Paititi.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is an action/adventure game which will introduce an open world you can find hidden monuments in it and interact with people also you can deal with your enemy either with stealth or gun blazing using your precious bow and arrow.

You can craft a lot of gears by skin animals and also there's a lot of sections in the game which will provide a challenging puzzles. You also will have a pretty good chance to discover tombs.

 Outgunned And Outnumbered, Lara Must Use The Jungle To Her Advantage. Strike Suddenly And Disappear Like A Jaguar, Use Mud As Camouflage, And Instill Fear In Enemies To Sow Chaos.


Discover Dark And Brutal Tombs

Tombs Are More Terrifying Than Ever Before, Requiring Advanced Traversal Techniques To Reach Them, And Once 

Inside They Are Filled With Deadly Puzzles.

Uncover Living History

Discover A Hidden City And Explore The Biggest Hub Space Ever Found In A Tomb Raider Game.


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