Porodo Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Sale price1,299

Product Overview

Porodo Mechanical Keyboard is a Full-Size keyboard type. It is Anti-Ghosting Xinda Black Switch Keyboard which means Anti-ghosting ensures that your key presses are sent without error and in the order pressed. You can find Double Injection Keycaps on this keyboard, actually Double shot keycaps will stay sharp, consistent, and never rub off.
Even though the double shot method uses two pieces instead of one, you cannot feel the legend - the surface of the keycap remains uniformly smooth. Double shot keycaps also allow RGB to shine and with the 9 Backlight Effects shine as much as they can and make a fancy gaming atmosphere for you.
It has 1.5 wires with PVC material. There are two languages on this keyboard (US + Arabic) and 104total keys. The backlight effect also is not just one mode, on another hand, there are 9 different colorful effects for this keyboard so you can change it whenever you want.
With these light effects, you can create a gaming atmosphere for yourself and focus on winning the game and competition. This keyboard has been designed for durability, in fact by the ABS top cover case you can insure about its long-life cycle.
It would be interesting for you if you know that each key of this keyboard has 50 million clicks. use this gaming keyboard and make the gaming more interesting for yourself than it used to be.

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