Nacon ST-200 Streaming Microphone

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Product overview


NACON'S ST-200MIC is a cardioid microphone, specially designed to isolate the voice and suppress unwanted background noise: essential for content creators on PC!

NACON's ST-200MIC streaming microphone is the perfect choice for gamers that want to branch out into content creation. Its metal casing and adjustable tripod provide maximum stability for your ideal gaming setup. The sensitivity of this easy-to-use microphone can be adjusted directly on the microphone – no software required! The ST-200MIC also includes a headset jack for zero-latency sound monitoring. Easily adjust the headset's output volume with the included knob.

The ST-200MIC is a cardioid microphone, a unidirectional sensitivity pattern favoured by professionals for voice capture. It delivers great sound with no interference or unwanted noise. It has an integrated analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) for high sound quality during live streams and recording sessions.

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