King Smith Water Resistance Rowing Machine - Black / Brown

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The Kingsmith WR1 rowing machine, with its new triple folding system exclusive to this brand, will allow you to save space in your home. A machine connected to its own app that works through water resistance thanks to its built-in tank. In addition, its wooden finish will fit perfectly in any room of your home.

Minimum space

If there is something special about this machine, it is that it is able to occupy only 0.36m2 thanks to its triple folding system, exclusive to Kingsmith. In just a few seconds, you will be able to fold your rowing machine in the easiest possible way with 3 simple movements. Not only will you save space, it will also be very easy to move it anywhere!

The power of water

The Kingsmith WR1 rowing machine works thanks to water resistance. For this purpose, it has a water tank that offers a smooth, natural and progressive resistance system and is composed of blades that simulate the resistance of water. For added comfort, it prevents water leakage, ensuring that the tank pressure is not too high during training.

Trainings from your mobile phone

Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, you can synchronise your machine with the KS Fit app. From here you can keep track of your sessions and enjoy personalised courses from the comfort of your mobile or tablet. The best option for practising sport from the comfort of your own home!

Attention to detail

This rowing machine surprises just by looking at it thanks to its premium design in top quality wood. In addition, it incorporates other extras that make it even more extraordinary, such as its ergonomic premium seat, its smartphone or tablet holder, its LCD screen or its non-slip handle.

For full body training

If there's one thing about a rowing machine like this, it's that it allows you to train your whole body, from head to toe. Get the most complete workouts and exercise all areas of your body in the same session.

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