King Smith Walkingpad smart foldable walking Pad C2 Yellow

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Unfold size 1445 × 518 × 125mm
Folded size   825 × 518 × 136mm
Display technology LED analog display
Motor type Brushless motor
Motor power 1HP
Running belt specification 400mm
Connection mode WIFI+ Bluetooth
Speed range 0.5~6km/h
Maximum load 100kg
Net weigh 24 kg
Gross weight 27 kg


A new walking machine designed for gentle exercise

Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, do not disregard your health. Our team, which includes members of the USTC, has developed a new home sports product called the KingSmith WalkingPad C2. You can walk leisurely in your spare time to unwind, regardless of the weather.

Worldwide, over 700,000 pieces are sold.

KingSmith WalkingPad is a favorite among families in over 50 nations and regions, with over 700,000 units sold globally.

Folding is a technological advancement, while storing is an artistic endeavor.

When folded, a WalkingPad occupies just under 0.5 m2. Even in a small space, it will fit. Our revolutionary folding technology simplifies storage. Numerous spins and treads will not impair its capacity to fold.

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