Kieslect Smart Calling Watch Kr2

Sale price4,549

Regular price5,481
Color: Black

One Step Pairing and Calls

Heart Rate | 1.43" AMOLED DIsplay | 2.5D GPU.

Classic watch design

Extremely delicate appearance, ultra-narrow bezel large screen

A variety of straps to match your different occasions

Smart experience on the wrist that refreshes your imagination.

Good sense of quality, at all times, the same as the watch.

One Step Pairing and Calls

Unlike other smartwatches with their complicated pairing processes, our 2-in-1 calling chipset and Bluetooth 5.3 simplify the connection process, offering you a quicker connection.

AdvancedBiometric Sensor

When combined with Kieslect's sophisticated heart rate algorithm, it enhances heart rate monitoring accuracy by 40%.

Body Energy

Body Energy helps you monitor your energy resources. Every 30 minutes, it collects data on your activity, stress, heart rate, and the restorative powers of sleep.

ComprehensiveSports & Health Data

Thanks to enhanced sensors and increased storage capacity, now you can have a quick overview of comprehensive health and fitness data on Kieslect Kr2 smartwatch.

2.5D GPU Super Dynamic Display

The Kr2 is equipped with a 2.5D GPU, an industry-leading image processing accelerator, which makes the Ul of the Kr2 more colorful and realistic visuals, while also providing stronger and more dynamic 3D effects, animation playbacks, and more.

Dual Screen

The watch features a dual-screen design with a primary screen displaying the watch face, and a customizable second screen that can show sports or health data at your choice.

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