Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speaker - Dawn White

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Color: Dawn White


TYPE Portable Bluetooth True Wireless Speaker
Bluetooth connectivity range of 15m
Movable Diaphragm
10hrs Playtime
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Gravastar G2 Venus Mini Portable Bluetooth True Wireless Speaker


  • Zinc Alloy Shell: Venus is a ballistic soldier from the future who wears a zinc alloy armour, which provides strength and toughness, adding a futuristic touch to your room. The armour provides Venus higher stability when playing crazy bass. Your windows might shake with the sound wave, but the speaker won’t.
  • RGB Light: Venus came from a city where cyberpunk is the mainstream. The never ending dark nights are illuminated by neon lights. Spaceships shuttle among skyscrapers. Venus embodies its home culture by adding 4 different shell colours and 6 RGB lights into its armour.
  • Crazy Bass: Never underestimate a speaker because of its size. Venus is small but it has dynamite inside. The bass comes from a movable diaphragm at the back of Venus, pumping a large volume of air to boost bass. Turn it on, the dreadful thunderous bass will rock you to death.
  • 1.75in 10W Full-range Speaker: Having Gravastar Venus in your room is like having an invincible robotic warrior with an AoE attack. It's super loud soundwave will hunt you down to every corner in the room, leaving you nowhere to hide. The 1.75in 10W full-range speaker transfers the powerful sound from the cyber heart to your heart. Venus is adorable yet hardcore: its movable diaphragm produces the sound waves you can see.
  • Bluetooth range 50ft: Venus has a long Bluetooth connectivity range of 15m. You can lip-sync in the shower room with Venus while leaving your phone in the bedroom.
  • Telepathy between 2 Venus: The stereo experience of Venus is almost invincible. The only thing that can beat Venus is 2 Venus teaming up. The telepathy between two speakers provides you with an even more powerful and immersive stereo experience.
  • Stamina Fighter: Venus is a stamina fighter. With the same amount of charging time, Venus can fight longer in the battlefield, up to 10 hours. You can bring Venus anywhere and party till whenever they want. It is never a party popper.
  • Carry Anywhere: Weighing only 410g, the equivalent of two apples, Venus could be easily carried around, in the city, to the seaside, or take an excursion to the desert.  Venus is a good companion. Bring it with you on a sunny day to a park or pack Venus in your backpack and go explore the world with music

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