FIFA 24 - Arabic Edition (PS5)

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Experience the pinnacle of football gaming with EA SPORTS FC 24 (FIFA 24) Arabic English edition on PlayStation 5. Crafted by fans for fans, this ultimate Football Club edition includes top leagues like Premier League and UEFA Champions League. With a fresh brand identity inspired by iconic triangles, EA SPORTS FC 24 delivers the best in football evolution. Enjoy the thrill of Ultimate Team™ chemistry and player indicators in every match. Join EA SPORTS FC 24 for the future of gaming and football, all at an unbeatable price. Don't miss out – revolutionize your gaming experience with EA SPORTS FC 24!


  • PS Plus required for online play
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Supports up to 22 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional


Step into the world of football like never before with EA SPORTS FC™ 24. Get ready to dive into the most authentic and immersive football gameplay ever, thanks to a powerful trio of technologies that bring the beautiful game to life.


HyperMotionV takes the essence of real football and seamlessly transfers it into the virtual realm. Drawing from a treasure trove of data collected from over 180 professional men's and women's matches, this revolutionary technology captures the intricate movements of players in-game. As a result, you'll witness authentic full-team motion and a staggering selection of 1,200 signature run styles, each reflecting the unique prowess of top players.


Playstyles Playstyles+

PlayStyles, optimized by data from the renowned Opta and other sources, breathe life into player abilities beyond traditional ratings. This innovation delves into the players' on-field prowess, manifesting their distinctive styles of play. PlayStyles+ takes it a step further, elevating these signature abilities to world-class standards. Imagine unleashing Haaland's Power Shot or witnessing elite players perform at levels few can match.

Every Match Is A Masterpiece

Powered by an enhanced Frostbite Engine, the game achieves unprecedented levels of realism. Every match becomes a masterpiece of immersion, with SAPIEN character technology enhancing player appearances and movements. These revamped player models boast a staggering 10x increase in anatomical precision, down to the tiniest details. Witness the fluidity of cloth physics—stretching, rippling, and showcasing athleticism. Every slide tackle and triumphant celebration mirrors the dynamic beauty of real-world football.

Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 ushers in a new era for Ultimate Team enthusiasts. Unleash the potential of your squad with Ultimate Team Evolutions, crafting your club legends by upgrading players through Evolutions objectives. The game also embraces the diversity of football by welcoming women's footballers into Ultimate Team, opening new avenues for squad building. Explore the rich dimensions of PlayStyles, enabling you to curate your squad according to your understanding of players' on-field performances.


Discover the joy of cross-play in Clubs and seize control of your football journey with enriched Manager and Player Career modes. EA SPORTS FC 24 invites you to revel in the thrill of football, with gameplay that moves, plays, and looks like the real thing. Elevate your experience, embrace the evolution, and immerse yourself in the world's most beloved sport. Get ready to play, compete, and experience football like never before.

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