Cellularline Vivid Headset TWS ANC - Black

Sale price2,099


VIVID are the Bluetooth earphones equipped with ANC Active Noise Cancelling technology. Thanks to their innovative technology which significantly reduces external noise, you can dedicate yourself to your music and other passions without distractions, with more natural details and clearer conversations for all-encompassing audio. Transparency mode, on the other hand, allows you to listen to the world around you: the external microphones combine the sounds of the surrounding environment with your music, creating a natural listening experience, allowing you to communicate with others without removing the earphones. Both technologies, the volume and calls are managed directly from the earphones via touch controls, without the need to take your phone out of your pocket.VIVID is designed to go everywhere with you, thanks to their three-hour play time and ability to be recharged up to six times, offering a total of 20 hours of freedom.When they are taken out of their case the earphones connect automatically to your device, while the Double Master function allows you to use a single earphone at a time, saving battery life.The pads provided in various sizes ensure isolation from noise and the highest sound quality, wherever you are.

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