Belkin 10K USB-C PD Power Bank with Integrated Cables

Sale price2,750

Charge On-the-go Without Extra Cables

This 10K power bank comes with its own integrated cables, so you never have to remember to bring your own again. Charge your smartphones and tablets on-the-go with attached Lightning and USB-C cables, and enjoy pass through charging* that lets you charge your device and recharge the power bank at the same time.

Enjoy an Extra 31 Hours on Your Phone

10,000 mAh of power will keep an iPhone 11 running up to 31  additional hours so you’re never without your phone when you need it.

Carries Its Own Cables

Integrated Lightning and USB-C cables are attached to the portable charger so you never have to remember to carry them again. Charge two devices at once with a combined 23W of power, or use pass through charging to charge one device at 18W while the power bank recharges at the same time.

LED Light

The LED indicator light shows the power bank’s battery status so you know when it needs to recharge.

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