Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12GB RAM - 512GB Storage

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Color: Titanium Black



6.8" QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X (3120 x 1440)

Operating System
Android 14
Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Rear Camera
12MP (UW), 200MP (W), 50MP (P), 10MP (T)
Front Camera
12MP Selfie Camera
SIM Cards
Dual SIM


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra 12GB RAM - 512GB Storage Overview


Introducing Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra AI: The forthcoming era of mobile phone technology.

The amazing first-ever Samsung Galaxy phone to adopt AI technology is the futuristic Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra which displays excellent AI capabilities.

It is now very simple to search by using Circle to Search. By the use of this creative method, it is possible to find what one is looking for by just moving a finger gently and quickly. No matter if it is an object or a landmark, all you have to do is circle it around to know where they are in no time!

Get a taste of an entirely different world in terms of translation from this particular page using AI Live Translation which can speak several languages at the same time and give instant real-time translations. It will take over as a digital interpreter that does things for others.


Samsung S24 Ultra: Unbelievable Processor Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before 

Experience the lightning-fast performance of the S24 Ultra, featuring a cutting-edge processor that is both speedy and dependable. With a 41% increase in AI processing speed, you can trust that your device will deliver top-notch performance.

Enhance your gaming experience with the NPU, a neural processing unit designed to handle intricate mathematical calculations essential for artificial neural networks. With a 30% improvement in GPU and 20% more powerful computing, get ready for an epic gaming experience like never before. Get ready for a truly incredible game!


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Epic AI Camera

Introducing the revolutionary proVisual engine, powered by AI, that not only recognizes objects but also delivers stunning colors and intricate details. 

And let's not forget about the innovative quad-tele system that offers up to 4 levels of optical-quality zoom and an impressive 100x digital zoom, all powered by AI for an even better experience.

With the new 50MP zoom sensor and wider OIS, capturing ultra-stable 8K videos has never been easier.

Experience enhanced nightography capabilities that allow you to capture clear shots even in low-light conditions. And when it's time to edit, resize, or retouch your photos, the possibilities are endless. 

Get ready to elevate your photography game with this advanced camera system. 



Experience ray tracing like never before 

Fluid gaming is a must with the equipped Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, delivering robust Ray Tracing for the most hyper-realistic graphics ever.

Also, for a surprise, the S24 Ultra comes with a double-sized vapor chamber to ensure perfect heat dissipation, while keeping graphics smooth!



Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Top Titanium Design 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a marvel of manufacturing, boasting an advanced 6.8-inch display that is both anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. Its titanium exterior exudes elegance and provides exceptional protection.

This device introduces a new era with its built-in S Pen, offering precision in writing, tapping, and navigating on the flat display that will make your fingers crave its touch. 


Unlimited playtime with all-day battery

Thanks to its high capacity and improved efficiency, Ultra's battery ensures you can keep going when you need it most - such as during that crucial boss battle you've been preparing for. 

samsung-galaxy-s24-ultra-battery-performance (1)





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