Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Grip Case

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Color: white

Product overview

Easy to hold, hard to drop

The sturdy strap on the back of the case will give you an easy hold of your phone, while allowing you to do more with less chance of dropping it.

Smooth grip for a comfortable hold

Along with the trendy strap, the silicone case has a smooth, silky texture that not only is soft to the touch but also provides a comfortable grip for hours.

Change the look

Want more creative freedom? Swap out the detachable grip for one of many available designs to better express your personal style.

Protection with a purpose

Our goal is to provide an environmentally conscious product while still delivering top-quality protection for your phone. The Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Grip Case contains UL-certified post-consumer recycled content.

Customize your strap to your taste

There is a variety of designs to choose from. Have fun switching the strap to give the case a different look.

We turn waste into valuable resources

While protecting your phone, you are also saving the environment. You can help preserve the Earth's precious resources by purchasing our product made with UL-certified recycled materials.

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