Samsung DeX Cable (USB Type-C to HDMI) 1.5M

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Product overview

One cable brings a PC-like experience to you

The DeX Cable is now all you need to use your Samsung Dex. Plug the HDMI adapter to one end and the Type C USB to your Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4, and you’re ready to go. The ultra-simple design is easy to use, comfortable to carry and responsive when connected.

Do what you do on your PC

Enjoy a simple set up by connecting your Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4 to a display with the DeX Cable. Edit and send documents or make business presentations on the large screen, using apps optimised for the desktop. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse to complete the PC-like experience.

See your videos in vivid definition

Connect your Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4 to a monitor or display to watch films in stunning clarity. The DeX Cable supports HDMI 2.0, letting you watch ultra HD 4K videos on the separate screen for an immersive visual experience.

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