Elago EAPSK-HANG-PE Skinny Hang Case For Apple Airpods Peach

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Elago Skinny Hang Case for Apple Airpods – Peach
Product Description
Elago skinny case ultra-thin design has no hinge point at the back(Wireless charging friendly design) Keeping your Airpods case slim and sleek. Remove the bulkiness of the case without sacrificing protection. Aluminum carabiner is included with case to provide the ability to safely attach your Airpods case to carrying bags, travel carriers, pants etc.
Compatible with both Airpods 1 and 2(Wired and wireless charging case). Front charging LED is visible and the case supports wireless charging for the Apple Airpods 2 wireless charging case.
There's a special anti-slip coating inside the cap. Please push it down completely and adjust the case to make it fit perfectly.

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